When should I harvest these? I've got this far now I'm stuck can anyone let me know when these will be ready?


Without knowing the strain, looks like about another 4 weeks


Look for 90-95% pistils turn brown, and it’ll be a lot closer.


Thank you everyone for your feed back. Any advice or information would be muchly appreciated. I don’t know what strains they are just some random seeds me and my wife found I’ve been using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil from and there’s Trio lineup of nutrients and that’s it and keeping the water pH between 6.3 6.7

I noticed today on one of them the tips of the leaves are starting to turn purple is that something to do with the nutrients, bugs or that’s just maybe the strain

Have you come into cooler night temps?

yes. Had heavy dew for 3 or 4 days. Sun finally started to come out yesterday. Im growing on my porch they don’t get a hole lot of sun

color change not an issue. cold weather response.
suggest you let plant go at least 4 more weeks. it will bulk up and flavor will deepen.

Awesome thank you I will let it keep doing its thing and I will post pics in a few weeks thanks for the help

First few pics you can see some amber so not far out but the last few looks a few weeks out


It’ hard not being there and seeing for your self. Here is the best I can do for ya>
This should help help you to decide.

Close But not ready yet. But Yuo could get high or a buzz
th (5)

This is what I shoot for Awesome high ( Just Right )

This will give you chouch lock


Thank you everyone for helping me with all of this growing its my first batch of plants so all info is accepted


thanks for the pics it really helps me to determine when I should harvest. My wife loves sativa I love a good couch lock high lol so any advice I will take thank you. Also any advice on when I should stop feeding them nutrients I’m doing the trio line up from Fox farm.

Welcome to the community.

Thank u. So a couple days ago I noticed that some of the buds had dark spots on them. Like the bud was rotting. I wasn’t sure what it was. Cut the dark spots off. They seemed really wet. Every day I’m noticing more and more. Please help i don’t want to lose my girl’s.

Hey brother. I’m sorry to say that is bud rot. It has been a bad year for it! Wet, cold conditions spread the fungus. If she is close enough, you might have to harvest

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It happens, if you see that, remove it as carefully as possible. It may just be necrotic tissue due to mechanical damage, possibly worm or caterpillar? If it persists it will turn into a grey filimentus looking fungus.
Often times you can just cutbout the effected material and protect the plant from moisture with a poly tunnel or a fan. If neither are an option it may be time to cut your losses if humidity is going to be high. Also, some strains are more prone to that than others, so if you are in an area that historically has this issue, find a cultivar that is resistant.

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That’s exactly what its doing i see a grey film so what would be my best bet to just Harvest now?

If you cant get rid of it and feel the time is right then so be it.

OK so if I tried to harvest the plant only where I see the rot will it mess up the rest of my plant that hasn’t been harvested yet? And also I read on another thread that you can put a trash bag over the plant and suffocate them? Is that something you heard of