When should I flower?

Hi guys!

This is my second grow. First grow my plants hermied due to lack of adequate lighting and lack of pruning I believe so I’m trying to do better!
Three plants of Northern Groove, first dropped the seeds on 2/25, ( they took their time growing) put them under MH bulb on 18/6 cycle on 4/2. So now we’re 3 weeks into veg. I use Advanced Nutrients and I think they’re amazing!
So should I defoliate now and get ready to flower? I only have three plants so I would like to maximize yield as much as possible. I was going to get a net or since they’re in a narrow space maybe just use some string or something from side to side.
What should I do? I also just noticed the seeds say 9-10 weeks flower time. Doesn’t that seem so long?
Anyway, any help is appreciated. Thanks!


What’s nice is anytime after 3 weeks from sprout you can decide to flip to flower.

Most people use the reference with half the distance they have in the tent , minus the height and distance you’ll need for the light

Light plus 15-24”

Beautiful ladies

Thank you!