When is the earliest I can harvest this beauty and not lose quality

Worms are starting to destroy buds. I need to chop as soon as possible


If this is your only supply, you could chop now. I don’t think much potency would be lost. If you have others, you could let it ride. I don’t know your situation, and I don’t want you to lose your yield.


Wow those look great ! What’s the strain ?


These were random bag seeds I didn’t think would amount to much… wow was I wrong… very upset I did not take clones before flowering


I think your ready. Beatiful plant. Looks like GDP.


Gorgeous flowers

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Bt gets rid of worms and is safe to use up till harvest. It works.


Beautiful flowers. I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you harvested now or soon. Also, if you have any smaller wispy branches toward the bottom, you can still take cuttings. I just took cuttings on plants I’m gonna harvest in a week or two.


That is a beautiful plant great job ! I know you would love to see it fully develop in a couple of weeks. But on the other hand you can’t let something destroyed your crop. Honestly to me it would be a tough Call. Not very often do you get a plant that colors up that pretty good luck whatever you decide.

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I second @salmoncreekbigbud suggestion. Take a lower branch as a clone and force it back to veg. May be a challenge but I’m sure can be done

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wash them well after dismantling them

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You could still try a monstercrop clone. Clone like you normally would then stick your clone under a veg light schedule. It will reveg and grow into a wild, thick, bushy looking plant.

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Did that worm come outa your bud? It looks like a grub more then a caterpillar to me. You should make sure your damage is from caterpillars and not bud rot. If it’s caterpillars I would spray with BT, pick them out, remove the dead parts, and get an extra 1-2 weeks out of your plant. Just don’t leave them growing if you have bud rot cuz then you might lose a lot

If she has seeds, you up to trading a few??? For reals… @Riley_ss

And deff try to reveg some clones!!!
Bt will get rid of all worms. Safe up till harvest even on tomatoes.

I originally thought it was bud rot but upon cutting out all the brown every spot had a worm eating into the stalk of the plant making the bud around it start to rot away

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I did see some immature seeds when cutting out the worms… there may be some seeds depending on when I harvest her which will be soon looking at comments

whats BT? I got caterpillars eating my tops

where are they located as I have boysenberry they are suppussed to look like that. They dont Ive been told I need cold weather and its hot as hell here in Nor Cal. Maybe Ill try putting ice on the base.

Midwest… been reaching 35-40 degree lows some nights the entire flower period. Highs durring the day have rarely reached over 70 since early sept.