Whats wrong with my plant?

A question from a fellow grower:

Was wondering if you could tell me whats wrong with the plant, I transplanted it to its final home four days ago, and am concerned about the leaves ive read so many different things on deficiencies I dont knkw what to think, im using soil, and led grow lights. Soil content is . 18 N, . 10 P and. . 12K per 8quart bag, and I used two in the large bucket home. also, thos was a clone I purchased That had some issues with it upon delivery, two other clones I had bought became heat damaged and I trimmed the leaves off (which now I regret doing) are those likly to revive with regular water abd light schedule, stems are still alive. And they each had solid root system.

That looks to be like a nutrient burn to me try giving them regular water as well as get a soul test kit and test the oh if the soil. If your ph will test good on the soil than resume giving regular water for about a week and see if that helps, it should help flush any access nutrients that don’t need to be used as well as help keep her balanced also if possible, try Camg+ it’s a all 0-0-0 balance and will bring her back to a nice beautiful foliage also healthy growth for the foliage of its access nutrients the camg+ will help balance every thing, soil, ph, etc.

Vegetative plants should only have 2-1-1 ratio, and that’s perfect

Strain; White Widow ILGM auto flowering feminzied I think.

Soil in pots

System type? HUH?
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? no

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS N/A


Light system, size 150W

Temps; Day 78-80, Night 60-75

Humidity; Day, Night ? huh?

Ventilation system; Yes, No
fan blowing have a outlet cut in rear for circulation

Co2; No


I am researching and growing this in south asia as a science project. I ordered auto white widows. It’s been 2 months and they are growing very slow. What am i doing wrong? I used miracle grow potting soil because thats all i had access to. it was shipped to me. I have adequate temperature between 60-80 degrees and on a 18/6m schedule. Can someone help?

Uploading… Uploading…

First off I wouldn’t advise using any miracle gro products on cannabis, id recommend General organics, and as to humidty day,night, if I’m not mistaken its asking % of humidity during the day and night

And you can use a fan it helps with ventilation