What's up with the curling in her leaves?

Gelato feminized by ILGM
Roots Organic original (coco based soil)
10gal smart pots (cloth)
Runoff is 6.4ph @ 1700ppm(have never given
nutes, organic nutrients added before
Mehzi 600w led
Temps; Day 77-81, Night 67-73
Humidity; Day 55%, Night 55%
Ventilation system; Yes 200cfm
AC yes, Humidifier yes, Dehumidifier yes
Co2; Yes

I’ve got 2 other girls(gold leaf & bag seed) in the same exact soil that is not doing this, should I be worried? @latewood @garrigan62 @MattyBear @fano_man Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks! And please feel free to tag in anyone who has experience with this strain.

I dnt see any issues, they look good. But natural light pics would help abit more. Hard to see in the blurple

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If its a true soilless, you want ph closer to 5.8

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I’m not familiar with that brand of coco, but ph should be lower in coco like @HornHead said :v::bear:


The Roots Organics Original:


So you should be good with your PH. I have used their coco and it’s lovely stuff. They make products at least as good as the Fox Farms products IMO.


I personally believe after doing years of experiments and projects that coco and soil-less needs a PH over 6.1. anything between 6.1 and 6.5 is in range. 5.8 is too low, despite past references being made to that along with some manufacturer guidelines.


For my self. I would rather see my run off high like that as to low. my plants just seem to do better. I ph in at 6 my self and normally get run off in the 5.8 - 6.1 range. I also have found. my run off numbers are higher for a while if I did the first rinse of the coco with plain tap water. it normally takes me close to 8 weeks for the numbers to settle down around 5.8 - 6.0 since I do my first rinse with straight tap water. That doesn’t mean I am doing it right. just what I found works with the coco I use.

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You are correct. Even though its coco based, the microbes need a ph of 6.1-6.5 to thrive.

Good looking out. I normally bounce my pH around a little bit so the plant can absorb all the nutrients but I’ll give it a shot I’ll switch it up to 6.2

I’m not understanding why my ph in the gelato keeps climbing to 7.0! It cant be lockout, I haven’t used any nutrients yet. Did a flush last night to get the ph in range, today right back at 7.0! Any advice?

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Top dress with lime? That ought to buffer it.

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Good idea. The Nectar for the Gods has lime in their ph up. My ppm’s are getting low enough to start nutrients. Maybe when I start giving nutrients, the ph will stabilize.