Whats up w/the plant

OK HERE WE GO AGAIN WHATS UP W/THE PLANT this is from 1 of the clones in flower
grow -soil
temps -avg 77
ph- 6.0 last 2 feedings were at 6.2
nutes-biobiz their whole setup at thier recomended levels
age-mid 4th wk flower they had a 2mo veg
pot- prob root bound there in a 6 0r 11 ltr pot but i dont think thats our prob as per previous history i started the biobiz again fed twice and this is it maybe the biobloom is also no good the otherstuff i used w/no problems so far

the spots are spreading and getting worse and now i noticed 1 of these spots on another one of the flowering clones on 1 of its leaves it aint the water i watered them with filtered water unless it takes time for the effects of the old nutes even after the flush? what is it whats going on and what should i do or should i just leave em alone and what ever will b will b?

– maybe the biobloom is also no good – Ganjah

It could very well be.

wats the ppm