What's up guys with this leaf

Hi growing incredible bulk auto in coco using usual notes. PH is 5.8-6 going well but noticed this on leaves. I’ll try upload the pics. My ec at run off is way high so flushing this week

Looks like it’s the start of calcium deficiency, don’t forget to feed after flushing. Especially calcium in coco.


My water has a ppm of 120. I’ve been giving cal mag every feed. How many litres of water should a flush take. Some aren’t moving 5 litres later. It’s my first time can you tell lol

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Google how to do a soil slurry test. That will give you pH at the roots (that’s where it matters)

He shouldn’t have to google…that’s what the forum is for lol. No need for any slurry test for coco. Just flush your coco out with a couple gallons of water followed with a feeding. Bump up the calcium a bit and you’ll be all good @Damo


Ahhh I missed the coco… .doh!

HNks so much @imSICKkid

I have had very high ppms like6000 at start in one. I’ve flushed and flushed and got multiple strains with varying ppm readings
They are all at 200_1000 as some in flower. Now increasing strength. I am monitoring it reg now. All in range. They didn’t look unhealthy generally just maybe slow. They were praying by the end so hopefully with yours help they will flourish now.

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Just hoping to update and find out something else. All doing well but I have bought some ecothrive charges lite 70/30.
I have just transplanted two into 6 gallon fabric and pre watered but didn’t check ppm. Now since transplant just these two have high ppm of 3/6000!!! Look OK just concerned about the ppm. Any idea? Will the charge part be the cause and it will settle.