What's the typical length of time AK-47 is in flowering?

I am on day 122 of my AK-47 auto grow. ILGM AK-47 Autoflower grow diary (journal) 2 harvest21 by - GrowDiaries

I plan on harvesting no later than this weekend despite not seeing much amber. I don’t want to mess up by harvesting early but I also feel like I am foxtailing and not sure if I have gone too long. The trichomes just do not seem ready.

Is 9 weeks in flowering for AK-47 auto typical?

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Yeah, I had an AK47 auto go around that same amount of time last year. Sometimes they’re just stubborn. You could try drilling the stem, flush her out and throw her in the dark a few days before chopping so she gets the hint if you have to harvest this weekend. :v::bear:

8-12 weeks for mine had different weeks each plant

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I’m not in a rush. I was just worried I was letting it go too long. Seeing Hogmaster’s 8-12 weeks is reassuring. What does drilling the stem do?