Whats the best way to use this light MAXIBRIGHT Daylight LED 660w PRO Grow Light

so i have spent 1800 pounds on 2 off these so i have been told to use them alone isnt the best way and use them with hps so does anyone have experience with them and can guid me please


  • Full Spectrum
  • 1782 μmol/s
  • Power 660w
  • Osram and Lumileds LED Chips
  • Dimmable 100% to 25% power
  • 8 Light Bars
  • fixture efficiency of 2.7 μmol/J
  • Ideal over a 1.2m x 1.2m area

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Hmm watching a review i seen on youutube of this light its a superior light. Rated 650w guys video was drawing just ove 690w from wall. Seems like a legit light. Hps and led combined is supposed to give off some super high quality weed lol. @dbrn32 what u think on this besides its only looking to be avail in the ul right now seems legit and a sweet light for the pricing

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Someone probably seen “daylight” and thought that was light spectrum, which is usually more blue dominant. But I would think this would do plenty good on its own having supplemental reds. In 4x4 tent I would try by itself.


Happy canna day @dbrn32



thanks guys

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Seriously is a nice light tho. Maybe add some far reds for flower like said above but might not even need them. Hlg had far red bulbs for like t0 bucks each 50w each and they cover a 5x5 area. Or even budget led maybe get some far red strips. U want some really bad ass lights look into a couple far reds and a uva bra for each light have uva in center and a farvred 2 bars away from uva on both sides. Hlg uba bars are roigh to get always out of stock but 149 each makes a whirl wind of differences in tric production. Love the loghts tho. If u have a minute on fb ig or anything loke youtube he has also check out northern scroggers. He has a rayon led that is super similar to this his has reds and uv i believe tho so if u add some additive light ull be rocking nice buds

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i have 2 off these and 16 hps if you can send a link for the far reds your talking about that would be great

Horticulture lighting group sell them. Hlg 30uva bars and the 50w far red bulb by hlg is about all i can say if thats not too much loll

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thankyou buddy

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