What's happening to my marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

I dont know whats wrong with my babies one is yellowing at the top still growing i believe and the other is curling up i use a mixture of some miracle grow seed starting soil mix with a mixture of perlite and a organic potting soil mix they were growing fine and then i put some ashes from my fire place is that whay caused the yellowing? And whats causing my other one to curl like its doing or is it normal to do that? Im growing with cfl’s mixed bulbs brite white and daylite please help if u can thank you so much…

If it is not broke…

Ashes?? OK. We want to help you. You were OK. When plants look great; Stick with the same regimen. No use in adding things that mess with the PH.

Your issue is the overall PH is imbalanced. What is the runoff of your plant?

I do not know if I would re-pot or not. Maybe, I would give the yellow plant a fresh batch of nutrients. 400-600. PH at 6.5.

Ashes = Potassium Carbonate Old folks called it “Potash”

Yes. That goes without saying. I do not think it was an applicable choice here. Small plants do not need an injection of potash at this stage.