Whats happening here

So I have this little lady and I’m un sure what’s happening as she’s still in veg on 18/6 she’s part of some ww seeds I got from a friend planted 6 and she’s the only one like this four to five weeks in

Aside from being a hermi or looking like one is it an auto flower by any chance?

looks female to me and isn’t no balls on her at all anywhere ment to be just standard ww all others from same seed haven’t done this that’s what’s puzzled me

Hate to say it but the top kinda looks like pollen sacks

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Yea I’m not gunna risk it its gone, it was covered in calyx tho, can any of you tell me why it went like that even tho was still in veg it started showing after like two and a half weeks in

Stressed environmentally, light leak, or could have been the one tiny of the group

Part of forty seeds I got free so has cost nothing and guess u have to expect a few duffers, it defo wasn’t light leak I have the veg room totally blacked out I know most the basics but I’m still learning this is only my second ever grow my first is still in flower due in Jan different strain tho and grew so differently compared to these ww