What type of plant has the pink hairs in it instead of amber colored


What strain is this one? :thinking:

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I have no idea. All came from the same batch of seeds that were gifted and had three diff kind of bud growing. That’s why I was asking if anyone knew.



Impossible to know. That’s kinda like being in a football stadium and pointing at a random fan across the bowl, and asking the random guy next to you what the random fans name is lol!

I’ve only ever seen one strain show really pink pistils in person (panama from crop king, grown by my brother)

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Welcome @tittletattletina, glad to have ya join us.

As others have said, it’s near impossible to tell a strain by looking at it. But if you knew what strains you started with, then sometimes we can figure it out as they grow.

But there’s almost an infinite possibility of crosses :confused:

I can tell you the plant apears to be a heavy leaning sativa by the leaf shape and its deep into flower, I’d guess about 6 weeks but that’s about all I can say from visual appearance my freind.

Call it whatever you want to and no-one will ever know any different :grin:


I hear ya :joy:. There’s actually two plants of the four in the big pot that have the pink but the other two are different with bigger flowers. Hope they catch up to the others soon. Lol. I’m just glad I haven’t killed them in the learning process of the do and don’s cuz I’ve had my share of mistakes not knowing what all was involved in the care of .

@tittletattletina I can tell though picture of the plant is sativa dominant by the slim leaves on it

Lillikoi Moon, Aloha Island Genetics. It has pink/red pistols.

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Welcome good luck with all!!