What type of nutrients for my Auto Amnesia Haze

HPS 75 20 on, 4 off indoor but
About 3 hours of direct sunlight
Temp 75 - 80
Humidity 40 -75%
A pot for pot

Looks as if it is starting to flower. Should i add any nutrients or just leave it alone. Any advice is much appreciated. This is my very first plant and I am so excited.

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She is flowering, nice work, all down hill from here. As far as nutes, depends on soil she is in.

As a first time grower, I went with P4P as well, albeit much smaller than yours. I contacted them about your very question, and have read many posts to that question - no added nutes are needed was the final word from P4P reps. Some growers here, and they are amazing at sharing their knowledge, may not be familiar with growing P4P as they create much more superior soils/growing mediums. I have conversed with others who will add some bloom support.

All that said, I have let mine grow as is. The Amnesia looks to be doing well with the two Northerns lagging behind (they began flowering a week later I mean). There are many factors which will impact my plants - first and foremost my inexperience, my plants almost died (got lots of help here and brought them back), too many plants in a small space competing for the little light I have, and probably many other reasons.

Some speculate that the “Superb Soil” is a Fox Farm blend. If so, even that would need nutes at some point. However, I’m riding with H2O only.

Good luck, keep posted.

For nutrients I’d take it easy with the amount. The plants are a bit touchy. Using a good soil to start helps out a lot. I having good results with my Amnesia haze auto by top dressing with compost. My compost also contains chicken manure. Coast of main compost also works good.

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Hi. Thanks for responding. And I appreciate the input. I am only growing one plant at a time and it is for medicinal purposes but I enjoy getting high.
I bought 2 cubic yards of Happy Frog soil, I think that is what you are referring to. I will use it for my next plant.
My auto Amnesia Haze grows taller by the minute but seems so spindly. I am worried about my harvest.
I guess we learn as we grow :upside_down_face:

Hello. Again, I am by no means anywhere near a pro. I have read so much over the last 2 months, I feel as if I took an accelerated graduate crash course on weed growing! :crazy_face: :rofl:

That said, the stretching seems to me that the plant is reaching for the light source. Perhaps you would be better off leaving indoors with 18/6; a dark cycle is important for the processing of the nutrients and such. Although they are autos, I went with 18/6 during veg stage and switched to 12/12 for flowering mainly for saving some money on electrical bills. How high is your light to the topmost part of the plant? I tried to keep my light at 18". Since I was in a small closet, I did not expect the plants to get as tall as they did which necessitated some LST. I was afraid of the stress since the plant was already flowering, but it seems to be doing well. My Amnesia stopped stretching and is now beginning to fill out at the bud sites. She will be small due to the 1/2 gallon pots I went with.

This is my best plant - Blueberry - Last week @ 3 weeks of flowering. You can see some of the string I used to tie the stems down.

As far as the P4P soil, I can’t recall where, but I believe someone speculated it was Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Not sure. But the Happy Frog is very popular. Many folks who use it. Just do a search and you will find many posts with soil info.

Keep us posted. Continued luck.