What to do with non-branching growth

Coming out of each node is a branch with buds and underneath is a single branch with a big fan leaf.
I’m debating whether to remove the lower fan leaves?I have no idea if it’ll effect budding branches to produce more leaves or cause bigger buds?

Why don’t you give us a picture of what you are describing?

If it seems to be a waste of energy; Clip it off. If it has potential to grow buds; Leave it. I think it is a good idea to grow a plant without severe manipulation; In order to learn how the plant grows.

I agree, the first couple to a few grows it is best to leave the plant alone for the most part to see how everything grows. And never remove large fan leaves unless they are not getting any light at all deep down underneath. Remove anything that is already mostly dead though, dead stuff hanging on the plant only gives a place for unwanted things like mold/fungi to grow.