What to do with a 3 1/2 foot plant?

My issue is she’s a monster, and my other plants are not as tall but are more bushy, she’s the only sativa.
Can I tie her down to a bamboo cage after 3 weeks almost of 12/12? Is it advisable? What would you do with her? Considering she will and already is being a greedy SB with the light.

IMHO, I think at 3 weeks, she still should be flexible enough, unless the stalks and branches have become too rigid and will snap… I’d say it should be ok @McLovin777…but see what the others say brother!

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You have me singing Queen song… Tie your mother down… Woohoo! @McLovin777

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Maybe you can put something under the smaller ones to lift them up…

I did this after 5 weeks of flowering to let the underneath get more lights


Only problem with that is it’s a foot difference and that means heightening 10 plants

:joy: you will find something to put under them :+1:
Or make a hole in your floor to lower the tall one :slight_smile:


I agree. You can try flexing her a little to see if there’s a chance she’ll bend. I think they have a tendency to bend better when thirsty too. If not, look at some buckets or whatever to raise the rest of them.


I’ve supercropped branches on a plant that was 2 1/2 weeks into flowering and it did great. I had topped it during Veg then decided it was going to be too tall after the stretch so I supercropped the 2 main chutes to even out the canopy after a week she had a couple thick knuckles and was putting in some weight. Just a thought.
It is better to do it earlier so proceed at your own risk :+1:


I’ve got a plan… waiting on equipment but if it goes as well as I think it will, should be a pretty impressive DIY cage/support system


I think you can tie them off just don’t pull to hard once stems harden up they like to break off right at the main stem from my experience go easy and not to much at once and o think you’ll be ok