What’s wrong with my leaves?

Any idea what’s causing this?? Thinking lights are to low? Had 1000 and 600 watt going in a 5x8 tent about 16” off plants…

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What type of lights?

HPS 600 watt and HPS 1,000 watt

Maybe fill out ticket and a couple more pictures.Temperature inside tent etc.
I use LED lights.
Have you grown with those lights before?(HPS)

Thats either really bad light burn or a really bad nute burn

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Ya if you’re using HPS lights at 16", you fried the leaves. raise them up to at least 25" or so. That 1000 watt one might need to go higher.

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Yea I have grown with the 600 HPS but this my first go around with the the 1,000. Temps never get over 79°. But I’m pretty sure it’s light intensity. Used a lux meter on it last night and in some spots it was getting 85,000 lux!

Definitely light burn. Thanks!

Put the 600 at 24” and the 1000 at 26” hopefully that does the trick

1000 still might be too low, but give it a shot and see.


I did ok with a 1000w MH in an 8’ tall tent. It worked great until flowering when I switched to HPS. It’s much hotter and cooked them. Tbh… I can’t imagine 2 lights in that tent. I personally think 600w traditional lighting is plenty for most tents. Jmo

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I’m my experience a 600 for that coverage area just isn’t enough light. Had a 1000 laying around so decided to try that maybe I’ll just go to 2-600’s instead.

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I looked again, you’re talking about a tent that’s 5x8 im thinking x 8’ high…?

I saw 5x5x8… for sure need 2 lights for your tent sorry. Im burnt-out, was probably stoned…possibly have brain damage :laughing:

All good! It’s actually a 5x10 tent 8’ tall. I have fans and dehumidifier/humidifier all on the side so takes it down to a grow area of 5x8-8’ tall. So your right in definitely need 2 lights but I can probably manage with 2-600’s.


600 is good to cover a 3x3 area. I’d get the 1000 over a 5x5 area with as much exhaust as u can get exhausting heat out. Start saving up some cash for some LEDs will save u a ton on electricians be a big diff on heat temps from the lights. Looks to me to be like a phosphorus or something issue. Fill out a form and add a few more pics and we can get u going hopefully.

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