What’s up with my plant? Is it a hermie?

Yes. …

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Dam I thought so…do I need to get it away from my other females?

Yep… I’m pretty sure that your lighting schedule or light leaks was the cause… :wink:
Kill it and clean , clean , clean… :wink:


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Yes, that is definitely a hermie. Get it away from any females right away.

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any idea bout these 2?

These look like female. Can you get a closer pic?

I had a cpl other plants in the tent with that hermie and it’s got me worried now…

Believe it may have got the first one…

They both look female to me.

Thanks…I cleaned my tent I got a cpl that’s flowering slow and that hermie worried me…but I just started some blue widow and northern light blue auto…

Keep an eye on those females.

What’s some early sighns that they may be hermie?

Balls. If you see them, it’s a hermie.

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I have one Blueberry that’s got a few seeds produced, Amnesia Haze also but the Northern Lights pictured is a worry as has a fair bit to go,did read somewhere that people have had Northern Lights take up to seventeen weeks to finish,on the upside am I going to have plenty of viable seeds for future grows ?

You may be able to snip those hermie buds and get a little high.

Did read here this can happen because stress,environment, outdoor grow with LST and love so maybe overdose of ferts?

Can I reuse the old dirt? I cleaned it out best I cld got the majority of the roots out…looks clean enough tho…

Rinse it thoroughly! Still would recommend new dirt but i think someone here reuses dirt. After washing and letting set a season

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