What’s my plant doing?

The other day I let my plants get a little natural sun, later on, several hours after sunset I went to move them back into their house. I noticed tiny water droplets on the leaves and it didn’t look random as if it were condensation or dew. Is this where the plant “exhales” and it just happened to form moisture?? I wasn’t alarmed the plant is doing remarkable. In fact it’s the most impressive one I have going. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

It looks like it has been over watered . The soil is black .Maybe it is expelling excess water . I’ve never seen that before so lets wait for someone with more expertise .


I’ve seen that on seedlings I’ve ended up killing, and on some that thrived, but I believe it is expelling excess water like ^^^ said. They look healthy though, so let it dry out before you water again.