What’s going on with my trichomes?

Hi folks,

It’s my first grow, sorry for spamming with stupid question, but do you all think my plant is ready for harvest? Thank you


She has some purple in her.
The plant looks like it wants to call it but hard telling from the trichomes.
How long has she been flowering (since buttons)?

Getting there, week maybe 2 still IMO.
Will look like the bottom of this banger from top to bottom when trichome is mature. Amber to follow that.

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Thanks man, I saw few amber on the bud as well so I wonder

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Actually when I checked my calendar it’s been flowering 8 weeks and a half now

On the bud or on the sugar leaf? Sugar leaf trichomes will mature much faster then those on the bud. She will mature from the top down so be sure to look about 1/3 of the way down the plant and down the bud your looking at.

Id hold out, usually takes a lil longer then advertised flowering times. The last two weeks are for ripening, big flavor and big weight at that time. Patience will be your best friend till the end of the grow.


I took your advice and waited more, what you think, time to chop it? Thanks

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Still seeing alot of clearness. The heads are looking good but the body is still very clear. You are getting a better look then I am so judge it on what you see more then what I see. If its not now its close. The whole trichome will be cloudy not just the head. From my vantage point, another week.

Try not to let the sugar leaves die that are in or close to your buds. Don’t let the necrosis (browning plant material still on the plant) get in the buds. Get in there & snip it out if you need to.