What makes leaves produce extra long stems

The lower leave’s stems are up to 9 inches long on some of lower buds.My other strains did same thing during budding but only on lower bud leaves.Leaves covered by light canopy their stems stay at 1-3 inches but leaves and buds are getting plenty of light.

Any solutions or what aren’t plants getting to cause lower buds to produce leaves with 8-9 in stems?

It is the intensity of light, if it is not intense enough the plant will stretch. This is why people prune the lower stuff off to create a kinda level top canopy, this type of pruning and training is often referred to as lolly popping or under-shucking, there are many you tube tutorials on how to do this.

Or you can add side lighting so the layer under the top canopy gets more intense light.

Exactomundo!!! :slight_smile: ;D

The issue is due to the lack of light penetration to the lower canopy; this forces the plant to stretch out and find light. This can lead to poor production of buds in the top.

Side lighting is an excellent choice to alleviate this issue, provide more yield on these elongated stems, and overall. In the future; Use side side lights to prevent this from occurring in the 1st place; Allowing the plant to BUD out uniformly. :slight_smile:

Makes sense.