What kind of grow box would be better for a inside grow with the best yeld and doesn't not leak out the smell as well

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"what kind of grow box would be better for a inside grow with the best yeld and doesn’t not leak out the smell as well. "

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buy a tent and the right equipment there is near to no oder problem…they are cheap and easy to move with the room you need…
if you just have to have a box,dealzer is a good place to buy one… warning,they are not cheap,and most don’t have the room you need… jmo


Curious how many plants you intend to grow at once? It might help direct suggestions towards a solution that will fit your needs.


Smell, heat and humidity are all hard to control unless you shell out some cash. As growers we battle it everyday.

The best way to control smell is to grow a plant that doesn’t smell. Green Ninja is a strain that is genetically designed to do just that… maybe hit the google and start looking. :+1::smiley:

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Dealzer is horrible. Uniquehydroponics has much better boxes and r more reasonably priced. Yeild max max 4ft version is the same price as dealzer’s cash crop 5.0 and being as I own both of the boxes mentioned I feel my opinion should carry some wieght


Dealzer is a site sponsor :eyeglasses: every system has it flaws and needs tweaks because every environment is slightly different ad each strain has different needs. I personally think any tent or box can be adjusted to suit a grower with proper venting and lighting for the space and it’s limits


I still would suggest boxes from unique as they have larger boxes with more powerful lights for better prices. That being said I removed the quazar LED from my cash crop n put in a 150w led light n now think it’s a great box for an autoflowering or 2

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Thank you all for your replies. This is my first time every growing anything and I’m having to keep it hidden for right now. But here in couple months I will have more room and that’s when I will be asking more question. But I keep reading on for more information fro. You guys thanks again


I also want to yield 3 lbs per plant, own a unicorn, have Lazer vision and have a million dollars. @DAVID420

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Ok , so what do you suggest?:thinking:

If you don’t have room for a tent like me, I recommend the yeild machine max 4ft version, or the mother max or something like that. They both are on unique-hydroponics.com. to get ur 3lb per plant yeild though you probably need a tent with about 3k watts of true led power lol

Thanks for the tip@Tonyb I will go there now. One more question what would start out with as far as grow tent or box. 1 Hydroponics or soil? I’m still pretty much on the hydroponics but I hear that soil is the best as well.

I’ve only just started growing so I’ve only done hydro. I think hydro is nice. I wouldn’t wanna do dirt personally though

Thanks my thoughts exactly, Did you use the products that came with the box or did you use flower power?
Oh and you are right about the web site I will use this site as well too. A lot of great products on there. Thanks again for the advise.

my nute n supplement line up

Is a tent the better option? I want to grow a sour diesel plant but I’m moving into a studio apartment this fall. I’m looking for a way to grow it but I also don’t want to go to jail


i agree, uniquehydroponics.com are quality boxes and inexpensive. i added some screens over the filters and hung stockings filled with activated charcoal hanging behind the box in front of the filter vents. it cut the smell down a lot. I would definitely recommend them for a first time grower. I have the 4’ ghost pro and love it.

Hydroponic boxes are loud in an apartment setting. I had to dismantle mine as the neighbors heard it. I used organic soil instead

I think they are extremely over priced honestly. I hate to be that guy, but I guarantee you could save money if you just bought your own parts. Just my opinion hydro experience opinion!



@Tonyb how big or how old do plants have to be to start giving them stuff like this?