What is this? Please help

I got a little help yesterday, I moved my light higher and sprayed them with water when I could because I work during the day. Growing in my closet, just regular potting soil nothing special. 18/6 light CFLs. Not using any fancy stuff yet because this is my first time and I’m trying to go cheap, my pH always tends to be high so I have the pH down for that. My ro is phed between 6-7 I have strips atm. I have a box fan on the outside of my closest blowing on low. I’m waiting for the rest of my packages to come. If it’s a humidity problem I need help because idk how to fix until I can get a thermometer for my closet. Kind of been buying as I go.15952911845792531949472934222205|375x500


Stop spraying your plants. They have roots.
Water the roots they’ll straighten out. Leaves that are damaged won’t recover.


Ok that’s what I figured I only did it twice, they have been canoeing for almost 2 wks. And I can’t figure out the problem. I just started spraying them yesterday as I’m new to this site.

No worries.
Dry relative humidity can be the other cause of canoeing. Welcome to the forum!
Installing an RH meter will help you understand the conditions they’re in.


Thank you, is there another way to fix this until I can get the meter?

If you’re in a tent, you can hang a wet towel in there, (almost dripping) and it will boost your humidity. Shut off your exhaust fan so you’re not losing your humid air, and keep the fan circulating air in the tent if you can. If you don’t have one, invest in a small one. Doesn’t have to expensive. It’ll fail eventually. Every single one of mine has died so far. Lol.

Lol ok, right now everything is in my closet, waiting for my tent to come. I knew I’d probably have a problem with humidity because humidity is something my brain cannot define lol but I’m trying. I live in Jacksonville FL and it’s been kind of steamy when I leave the window open to bring in fresh air.

But the air conditioning is on correct? It’s just a little dry probably. She might grow a little funky for a while but may eventually grow out of it.

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Yes ac is on but I put it up to 80 when I leave for work so it’s not running all day but I turn it back down to around 74 75 when I’m home

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