What is this on the leaves?

Uber newb at everything. Got plants from a dispensary and some spots on the leaves are getting bigger.
What is it , and how do we fix it, ?
Should we be worried about it spreading plant to plant?
Plants are indoor, in a grow tent. Im not sure what strains, or what soil, or if they were fertilized, or with what fertilizer. Etc.IMG_20190429_200841_01|374x500
P.s. im sure this has been posted 1k times. But…im new and have zero clue what to ask, or find.
Pp.s. If y’all have a solitary, stand alone, “whats wrong with my plant(s) ?” Thread…could you give me a link please? [IMG_20190429_200851_01|374x500](upload://hP9xi0gvyAEYHJ
GwuP8303r2zyb.jpeg) thread.
Thank you in advance.

Try and repost the photo, you must wait until the photo finishes loading.

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I have no idea…maybe one of the experienced growers will have an answer.

@dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @TDubWilly @garrigan62

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Can you provide an overall picture of the plant in natural light?

Any information is helpful. How old? What strain? Auto? Photo? If you know the soil? What lights are you under? How are you watering and do you PH your water? These are all helpful thanks.


those pictures are natural light. outside, natural light. they are in a grow tent

husband bought them from a dispensary
dont know what they planted them in, soil wise,.
the plants had small spots of whatever this is, on them when they were bought,
but they’re getting bigger.

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Can you take a picture of the whole plant in natural light?

“full plant” pics in replies to the,…uh, replies.

can anyone tell me/us whats going on with our plants?