What is the best grow room supplies

On a somewhat related note, I found a head shop/grow shop within just a few miles from my place

I wished I’d known about it in the beginning but I suppose Amazon served me well

I would much rather to have been supporting a local business though

At least I know they’re there for emergencies

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I would suggest you take a look at HYPHOTONFLUX Led lighting. I have had some very good results with the HPF4000.
Always look at the PPFD at multiple distances from your top canopy.

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Your light should be sized to your grow space. Once you nail that down i can help you find a light.

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Those are two I found not sure if there any good or if I should do led or other kinds of lights and what soil mixes and nutritients to give the plants and when how much so basically everything is new to be im a super newbie
Thank you @MrPeat and everyone else I just got a chance to respond to you guys

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One thing at a time the most important thing that you gotta get is the light, and the light you get depends on the space you intend to grow in

So determine your grow space to determine what light solution is best for you then move on to other stuff
My 2 cents

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I had to remove links. For now, pretty much limited to Amazon links allowed.

Buying a kit would make things easy, but the equipment you get probably won’t be all that great.


I vote hlg for what that’s worth


If you have more than 4 plants a drip system on a timer set up from jump as watering is by far the biggest chore with soil. Good luck!

So you’re saying with 4 it’s workable? I’d never have probably even 4 much less more than four going at one time