What is left running overnight?

Hi everyone, I’m wondering if you leave a rdwc turned on 24/7 or is it has shut off times, for example at night time? And I’m wondering is there is anything else like exhaust fans that you leave on and other things like that in a normal grow tent indoors. Humidifier is obviously on 24/7 and vaporiser? Help on this topic will be very appreciated. Thanks all :v:
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I’m not in dwc, but I leave my fans on 24/7. It seems to do well as I only have a 5° temperature difference between lights on and off.

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@CoyoteCody what about your exhaust fan? And your dehumidifier and humidifier? Do you have those?

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Leave your air stones on. I run my exhaust and circulation fans on 24/7 too. Humidifier, dehumidifier, and stuff like that should be left to control environment. There will probably be seasons where they are needed all the time and some where they aren’t needed at all. Will be a little different for everyone depending on their geographic location.


@dbrn32 okay awesome thanks for weighing in man :fire::sunglasses:

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only thing that ever shuts off is the lights for me.


Yes exhaust fan, intake fan, and humidifier stay on as well. The only reason my humidifier stays on is because I’m in the desert and we have super low humidity, I don’t run a dehumidifier at all.

I run a DWC. I leave everything on apart from the light which is on a timer. 18/6. Exhaust, fans, dehumidifier, pump and air stones stay on 24/7. Just remember to keep checking and cleaning your pump filter. Few times I’ve noticed the buckets no circulating because filter has blocked up with nute build up etc