What is ideal temperature in a grow tent?

18-24 veg and 16inches flower but im growing auto flowers so 16 inches whole way more or less

I’m growing autos also. So you veg autos at 16?

I have 2 mars hydro 300w each (600w total) i keep mine around 18" from the tops of the plants.to low and you will see the leaves directly inder the light start browning and twisting. If the lights are to far away you will see your leaves ,especially near the tops of your plants reaching up ,like at a 45° angle or more ,trying to get more light

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Perfect thank you!!

@4play is correct
I found that 16 works great for my grow space and yes i keep them at 16 the whole way as they grow i go up with lights

I know cant see the distance

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@4play which model MarsHydro are you running my LED are first Gen 600’s they pull 272 watts from wall ×2=544 watts from wall i go by power drawn

Your light youll just have to play with it till you find your sweet spot i think everyone can agree with that lol

Mine are 1st Gen. Im sure your wattage is more accurate, i didnt put a Lux meter to it, or whatever you use, meters ,Meters ,METERSS LOL

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I think I have the same ‘tent’ as you, and I have the Pot Wizard 450 W ( I think) blue/red, four of them plus a halogen 100w b/c I have two very tall budders and four medium sized girls I’m forcing with the 12/12 in the tent. Yes, I’m a beginner and trying my best! Started four outside, grew the smaller (36") outside and brought them in to bud now ( along with the 2 that needed a totally dark room to finish their forced bud I started 6 weeks ago). The temp. in tent stays 70-75, rh is going up to 80 at night. I put pans of perlite in there last nite and rh stayed at 52%. I’ve seen these rectangular lights you have, but are the round pot wizards okay, too? Help, please

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@Brian091180 oh mine are these

So mine are a true watt of about 140w each
2 lights=280w

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@Chuckie sorry man i never heard of those lights. Im new too. I will have to try that perlite trick to get my humidity down.

Thanks, 4play for responding. Does anyone know about or use the Pot Wizard lights?

Lol wow. Ok @hammer. I didn’t think you’d respond like that, but ok.

And, no. I never had brown algae. Maybe you need the glasses lol

I’ll let hammer take you from here @Miagrace16, since he’s read all the modules lol. Don’t take advice from someone like me though, someone growing in these temps successfully lol


@ktreez420 ya man he dropped the HAMMER on ya lol @Hammer Way to Harsh the mellow man lol

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Your topic was in the lab .(.BUD ROT OR ROOT ROT) i believe Was your thread …??? maybe you should spend some time there with me …LOLOL … and plant half died .???. AND i again Reiterate. this thread was ( What is ideal temp in a grow room ? ) … .and Please show me where you found that 85 F is ideal indoor GR Temp .,PLease … And i did read all the lab member Modules… Twice … And i still double check them …I purchased them for the info ,not a title .LOLOL. Hammer. unless its about "Ideal temps in the GR " this matter is closed …ITS OFF TOPIC… :grin: Hammer

Glad I got to see what kind of person you are @hammer. I won’t let your negativity get me down though :v: Good vibes always

And again, to reiterate, I NEVER once said 85F was the ideal temp. Re read @hammer before you try to attack someone’s response. I simply said, you don’t “need” to push CO2 at 85F. That’s all.

I thought we were all adults and could have differing opinions without people trying to belittle others. What a shame.


My temp has been getting a little higher today. Around 80 degrees so I took some duct work and attached it from the air conditioner to inside the grow tent . It is running much cooler now. Will this harm the plants any or will they like the cool fresh air?

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My plants have grown pretty well close to 90°, but that’s cause I haven’t read the module I guess. I do smoke around them some,guess that adds CO2.


Will not harm them at all like i said my plants get up to 81 never for long maybe 2 hours over the whole day so youll be fine trust me

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this lady live at 77-81 and nite 70 she looks great right …lol

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