What happened to the forum? Where is everything?

I’ve been here on and off since I started growing 4 years ago and I just returned from maybe a few weeks and everything is different.

The ebb and flow and easy to find nature that brought me to the site is no longer here. The format was based on a logical outline but now these categories don’t have the same structure and overlap. The mini sitemap which would let you see Topics and Subtopics at a glance is gone.

Grow Boxes & Tents is under Grow Equipment but not under Indoor Growing? (That’s just one head-scratcher) The fair question isn’t “Where is the continuity”, the fair question is “Why did we throw continuity out the window”

With all due respect, I’m sure that there was some discussion on both sides and clearly the side of “just leave it” lost. But there is a saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it“. I’m just wondering what was broke?

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Sorry to hear that you find the new arrangement cumbersome. But yes, some things have been moved around. It was pointed out by the office that we had too many unused categories and sub categories. And while grow boxes and tents are probably limited to indoor growing, there is several other closely related items that aren’t. So we concluded that while some of these items are unique to maybe another category it’s best to keep them nested together as things any of us may need to purchase. If you want purchase a tent, leave a review on a tent, figure out what size tent you need, or any other questions or suggestions about a tent, this is where you go. If you are simply wanting to post about things related to growing in a tent, that is an indoor grow.

We are also still working on this. So don’t assume just because something is the way it is that it is planned to stay that way. We’re trying to make sure none of the content is lost in transition, and that can be pretty time consuming to move a single subcategory. If you have a specific suggestion I’m sure the group would entertain it.


Don’t be sorry, this isn’t a customer service call LOL. We’re all creators here. (I’m a corpo I know the lingo)

But oh boy, so it’s going to keep changing? It was fine for all that time for years. I think I recall even before you became a moderator, congratulations. Why not just remove the unused categories if that be the concern of The Office?
My specific suggestion would be to make an outline and stick to it. Even if you axe categories, you still need to go back to that coherent outline…or not.
Ask the community how they feel.
It honestly looks like new management came in and said “I can do it better”. It looks bare bones. I know some people condescend or get defensive and attack whenever someone speaks about change but try to take this as constructive criticism from someone who has written several journals here over several years.


You’re allowed to have an opinion without persecution haha. I’m not sure the opinion of one or many will change how the forum is organized, but it will be noted. Perhaps when it’s done it will make more sense, or not. I don’t know really. We’re just trying to do the best we can with resolving available.

No, once we have completed updates it should pretty much stay the same. Unless something like this happens, and the staff feels it’s a great suggestion, then maybe haha.

This is your opinion. I know that there are others that differ, so becomes an issue of which opinion we value the most. Hard to do, so each is reviewed by admins and mods and edited from there.

I’m sure, it seems like a long time ago. Thank you!

They have been removed or condensed. Some of the reason for realignment of remaining categories is to accommodate the material that would be in these infrequently used sections.

We are, it’s just not all done with a couple of keystrokes as I explained earlier. With amount of resources available and other duties it takes time to do.

Not the case, as far as I’m aware. We have obviously had some movement on moderators since you were more active, but management team has been the same as long as I have been here.

I have pretty thick skin, as I know most of the team does. I’m not offended nor do I feel the need to be defensive. Just responding to your topic in order to answer your questions. Your contributions over the years are appreciated and have been enjoyed by many, no doubt there. But this is also a 2 way street. It’s been decided that the organization of the forum is going to change, and that’s what is happening. Please don’t feel disregarded if it doesn’t end up how you expect it.


Sorry I wasn’t more active. I’ve spent the last 8 months refining and proving a process for creating/collecting/and breeding with pollen so easy, a caveman could do it. If you read my posts you’d see that’s what I’ve been working up to. It’s nearly done except for pictures, but I’m definitely reconsidering sharing locations. Looking for a place to share that’s a little more humble.

“The Office” or “Organization” might want to look up the word “Huburis”.

Keep up the great work. You’re doing awesome in your new role!


Lol funny @EclecticJack, as a business person I’m sure you understand how operations are more or less a dictatorship while some are a high counsel of elders haha. Input is always welcome and grains of salt add up eventually.

From another angle I’ve been here for about 3 years between browsing and actually being a member, I am thankful for all the work the staff and mods have done. Things do seem more organized and better used.
Before it seemed that only a small amount of categories were used for the majority of the posts and that left large areas of the forum unused or very low activity levels.

There is a significant amount of change going on and it really is for the better, change is instinctively hard for human minds, when done well however that change can make a significant positive inpact in many ways.

Give them all the benefit of the doubt and grind it out, before you know it it will feel comfortable again.