What do you all think, another week?

New York Diesel Auto. She’s on week 16 from seedling. I’m thinking about 1 more week. What do you all think?


I’d say you’re in the window now.


I’m thinking if I hold off til Sat, I can plan to be in trim jail the following weekend. That way it’s not such a task to do after work. It’s nice to click on the football game, toke a bowl, sit back and trim.


Sweet fade on her. I’m with @Myfriendis410 , she is ready anytime. :axe: :farmer:

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Where’s did you get those seeds. I had a NYC desiel auto and it was some of my most favorite smoke. Very dense buds too and held onto smell n taste longer even if not stored cool

Expert seeds.

Gonna be nice!

Please post after cure report! :grin:

Will do.

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@Odaharry she is dried, trimmed and ready for curing. As of now, the smell is incredible.

I’ll touch base in about 2 weeks. That’s when I usually do a small taste sample.


Congrats on the harvest, buds look :+1:

Yum. What IS the smell?

Not at all what I expected. I thought it would have a gas or diesel smell. Instead it was more of a pungent citrus smell. Very strong sent. Trimmed it in my upstairs office and you could smell it downstairs in the kitchen.

Nice. Mine definitely had a sour smell/ taste to it. Not really citrus though

I’m on day 5 of curing. Smell is still super pungent with still a hint of grapefruit. It’s killing me not to sample, but I’ve always kept a strict rule not to touch til 2 weeks have past. Kinda want to start another grow, but I’ve got such a stock, I’m afraid to let some go to waste. Thinking of taking an oz and trying my hand at cannabutter. I’ve got girlscout cookies, purple kush, and some glueberry that I haven’t touched in months. Figure I’ll make some hash and butter. I’d like to make some kickass cookies or brownies.

If need to burn through a ton, make Rosin. You’ll empty a jar fast and you’ll get all flavor

Not really a ton, but I did a constant grow threw 2022. I have purple kush, girl scout cookies, gorilla cookies, grape ape, purple thai, runtz, gelato, gorilla glue, and ny diesel. I also have some AK 47 and pineapple from the end of 2021.
Around 22 to 23 oz total. With all the days in trim jail, I’ve screened enough to press about 1.25 oz of hash. I’ve given away around 2 oz to friends as birthday and Christmas gifts and everyone loves the occasional chunk of hash. Tastes like old school cheese we used to get. I’ve been looking into rosin presses but I think I’m mechanically inclined enough to make one. May give it a shot.


@Odaharry NY Diesel is finally ready. Super sour smell now with a hint of citrus. Loaded 1 rip and damn. With in a minute felt the face drop. Awesome taste and smooth hit. Really feel it expand in your chest. One of the best strains I’ve grown so far.

That’s great feedback. TY

Oh I wanted to also say, man you’ve grown some of the greats I wanted to try. Do you have a favorite and top 3?