What do u think guys?

2-3 weeks yet from what I can see.
Once pistols mostly turn brown they are close then keep checking them daily.


Thank you

What strain and beeder is this plant from? How long have you been in flower? Some haze plants will never get full on amber, staying more cloudy only in the trichromes. In your shots I see lots of clear still. Im thinking your a month from flushing. If its a haze you might want to think of switching to 10/14 lighting if your trying to push her to finish faster.

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4 of them Super Silver Haze from ilgm… 29th day on flower. I think she is different from the others! Smell different and behave different. Thanks for ur time bro

Is that a pic of the sugar leaf or the flower? The sugarleaf tend to change Amber before the flower so you want to go off the trichome on the flower

Wait 3 weeks then check

Then wait 1 more lol that’s how it usually goes