What can I store good used soil in

So I his chopped my super lemon an bout to do same with northern light I wanna save soil but don’t kno what I should put it on … Going b atleat 30-60 days before I start new grow ! Would a plastic tote work for storing soil that’s loose ???

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I have mine in a plastic bin

I use various sizes of plastic totes for soil, coco, and perlite.

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Large plastic tote with lid works great. Amend it and let it sit for 60 day.

@beardless has the right idea tote is a great option

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Thank you all… An yea my girl an I his cleaned out a plastic tote with lid an I’m dump my used soil in there … I an amend it with bat guano, azomite, worm castings, bone meal ,fish bone meal, garden lime, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, Epsom salt, humic acid. An I let it sot for 60 days??? Do I mix it through out or jus for the first few days or so ???

I just re amended my soil from my last grow all my coco coir has been turned into a lovely soil thanks to the worms i put in my pot

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Plastic barrel with locking lid. Get them at most feed stores for about 20 bucks holds 55 gallons

Just don’t lid the tote or you’ll get mold from the trapped moisture

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Keep mine in plastic totes🤷‍♂️

I leave mine in the planters and just empty them next year in a wheel barrel, mix about 20%-30% new soil and pull as many of the roots out as I can.

I guess this is the lazy gardener’s method. :blush:

Mix away bro. It’s not going anywhere and you want balance.

I use 32 gallon plastic trash cans :slight_smile:

Yea well a lid is necessary I have a very nosey cat…lol. I thought u wanted to leave the old loose roots?? Don’t they decompose after time