What Can I Do About the Black Spots?

Is this bad? I’m about a month out before harvest. Gold Leaf.

Here’s the whole plant…

It looks very not good

Ima tag some folks who might be able to help as I have no idea how to fix other that the off shoot that a hydrogen peroxide mix could maybe help but I just don’t know
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Black mold?



w00t I actually got something right?

Even a broken (analog) clock tells time correctly twice a day


You are usually on target.


I would give the peroxide a shot.


That usually ends up badly, stem rot, but the peroxide would be worth a shot.


What causes that

Mold. Limited airflow and/or high humidity.

Looks like an outside grow, could it be in the root system

Plenty of air. Humidity has been high for these parts this time of year 50-60% plus upper 90’s.

We see a lot of mold problems among outdoor growers this time of year.

Thanks for the tips. My other one has issues but not this. 1:1 ratio of peroxide to water? Should I spray just the stem or the entire plant? And how often?

Concentrate spraying on the affected areas and, if you are in a high humidity area, spray a couple of times a week going forward as a preventative.

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Es no beuno.

Cannabis, canola… diseases aren’t picky

I can find article on it and cannabis. Just none I can link here. K’now

Heavy rains

I found this but don’t know if it applies cuz I don’t see any leaf damage
Phytophthora root and stem rot is a soil-borne fungal disease caused by Phytophthora sojae . This pathogen causes seed rots, pre- and post emergence damping off of seedlings and stem rot of plants at various growth stages. Disease development is favored by soil temperatures is above 60oF and high soil moisture.

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So about 2 hours after I sprayed the h2o2 we got over 1" of rain. Should I re-spray or wait a few days?

Id respray
It won’t hurt it anymore than it’s already suffering

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I know you’re growing outside but if it was me I would try to figure out a way to partially cover them to keep the rain off then put a fan on them.

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