What are your thoughts?

A question from a fellow grower:

I live in south west France. I have been purchasing seeds from Sensi Seeds Two years ago had a great crop, last year very disappointing this I have to admit may have been my fault as I experimented with putting the pots outside, whereas the first year they stay in the greenhouse.
Before I place my first order with you can you please let me have your recommendations. I have a large heated greenhouse, which is where I overwinter all the citrus trees and bedding plants. The climate is utterly unpredictable, already all the daffodils are out 6 weeks early. Recent years it has remained cool till the beginning of June and very wet, then overnight the temperature raises from 16/18 degrees to 34/6. Without a cold winter an acute problem is insects/diseases etc don’t die as such plants are more susceptible.
Base on the above what are your thoughts.

Go to “Best Seed Bank reviews.com” This site is mentioned on it all so — there you will find lists of plants to lok at once narrowed down ask about that specific strain. Happy Hunting