What Are the Going Prices these days?

Could anyone share with me what the going rate for an ounce of good cannabis is going for these days in the KC area? Someone said $200 but that sounded kinda low to me. @ThcinKC

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Or in general?? I’m really clueless

i have not purchased weed in a few years…lol sorry
no,i’m not sorry…that’s a victory!!! lol


ru in kc? im nearby. i havent purchased any bud in this area, but after buying amazing legal weed in denver for 100/oz i cant imagine paying more than 200

I’m guessing prices have tanked??

I’m about 4 hours east lol.

ah ok nuff said. i dont know if prices have tanked. back in hschool a 1/4 was $100 and depending where and what u buy im sure it could be that price or more. just like seeds vary in price

I know in the mid-west I paid $110 for half an o of commercial

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What do you mean by commercial??

Just mediocre weed. Nothing good like what you grew

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Back in the day you could get a 4 finger bag for $20. bucks now it’s by the gram…don’t figure


I remember when they used to do it that way oh the good times

My grow store said $300 at least. I knew that POS was tryin go to get a deal. He said he gets just as good quality for $200. I asked if he was an fing psychic because he has never even tried mine.

Used to buy a 1/4 lb for $120. Sell 3 oz for $40 each and keep an oz for mysef. Good ol’ Columbian red bud.


It’s 200 a oz all day long and 225 or 250 for the stuff that makes the dispensaries look bad

75 a gram of hash that takes the air out your lungs and makes you drool

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Thanks bro. I knew you would know.

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There’s alot of just crap that comes from Colorado it looks really nice but no better than brick weed. Some awesome stuff comes from Michigan but mostly crap to. Pm me when you get here

There’s pm on here??

I live in STL and a guy said he pays $200 an ounce and thought he was trying to get one over on me.

No 200 is about the best you will get any lower and it’s k-town or Mexican brick