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Trying a little experiment. Grafted a Blue cheese cutting to the roots of a plant I harvested


Nice. What was the strain you harvested

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Blue haze


how u do dis

It’s a caliper precise tactic… root stock of established plant cut with a v into the stalk and desired graft of same diameter stalk is cut into a arrow point to fit perfectly inside the v seal it up with one of many types of things along lines of honey even vaseline can work put braces around the joint …I like to use teflon tape as it’s not sticky and still strong and you tie the ends together after wrapping braces around the stalk… you can do this to multiple branches of one root zone to multiple strains on separate branches in result havingnone root system to be growing multiple strains all on one plant
Ppl do this where they have plant limitations but want several strains growing… it’s a long process and not the easiest to perfect… I grow fruit trees and we have a citrus tree with oranges limes and kumquats all on one tree… pretty cool


Keep us posted… :+1::wink:


Foliar feed for a while? Any hormones?