Well what have we got here?



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Cottage cheese

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Looks like the start of an unproductive day


Who says being baked out of your mind is unproductive?


The weed

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I’d eat half of em

@Beachbound what recipi did you use

Hey, wait a minute! Did you cut off all the tops of the muffins for that photo?

I used 2 boxes of Pillsbury sugar free brownies which calls for 2/3 cup vegetable oil. (1/3 per box). I am trying to control my A1C. Doctors orders. That is why I use sugar free.

To make the oil I put 2/3 cup of canola oil into a Little Dipper mini crock pot that I have had for many years. I ground 6 grams of White Widow flower and put it in the oil. The Little Dipper keeps the oil at a consistent 202 degrees. I put the Little Dipper inside my tent for the odor and let it go overnight. (6 hours min but usually closer to 10). I then strain and press the oil and use the oil to follow directions on the box although I do reduce the baking temp.

The muffin tray is a mini muffin tray and I put all the batter into 24 mini muffins. When the muffins go in the over I bake them at 240 degrees for an hour.

I have come up with this method from reading this forum and taking bits of info from several posts. It works for me. One is enough for me each afternoon which lasts till after dinner. After that the pipe comes out. This batch will last me 24 days.


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That’s awsome

I’m deffinitly going to be a daily edible eater

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@Beachbound , I wish I could make a batch last 24 days , a batch does me about 5/7 days, but I do eat 2/3 @ a time , even tho 1 is enough, and then I get the munchies and start eating more.lol I make up two sticks of butter 2 cups water , 2 oz of buds, cook for 36 hours min, and that batch does me a 6 weeks , in cookies, brownies and muffins.

Could you use the oil to make other things as well? I have a mini crock and love that it’s stealth

I guess you can use the oil for just about anything that calls for oil. I have read here that THC should not be overheated. That is why I cook the brownies at 240 degrees. Maybe someone can elaborate on that. Not sure what would happen if you used the oil at a high temp. Anyone?

“THC volatilizes into the air at 380 degrees F or 193 degrees C. CBD at 360 and 180-193 and the rest of the cannabinoids at lower temps.” “Note: To avoid destroying cannabinoids, do not bake cannabis recipes at more than 350 F or C.” I also use a crock pot on low, works great. Quote paraphrased from Cervantes Encyclopedia. Hope its ok to reference it here.

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