Weird spot on seedling leaf

Hey guys today I was checking on them and found this on the leaf and the colotydons are yellowish

Day temps are between 67-70
Night temps are between 64,5-68

humidity is usually 70% with spikes to 80%
Is High humidity it be the problem?

Soil pH last time I checked was 6,8
I’m doing a quick slurry test right now will post results soon

If y’all need any other information please ask right away thanks

It was transplanted 4/5 days ago


A better pic

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Kinda shitting my pants now since one of my autos had the same thing got spots on leaves they turned yellow seemed very dead but is now recovering and the yellow leaves are turning green again


I don’t see anything concerning Grow Bro, I never really pay attention to the cotyledons past breaking ground. New growth looks good :love_you_gesture:


Temps are good and a high RH is a good thing for a seedling.

I’m not sure why any soil testing is necessary for a seedling (assuming it is new soil.)

Most of all - your seedling looks fine. I’ve never paid attention to the cotyledons either. There’s nothing to worry about so long as you have healthy new growth.


Thanks guys, I guess I’ll just keep an eye on her as usual

Appreciate the help and the quick response :call_me_hand:t2:

I tested soil because it’s a new mix( I mixed it myself) with some of the soil I used last grow mixed together

Btw now it’s 6,9 I guess a little fluctuations is fine


Right on, slurry test with distilled water… what was the PPMs? How much perlite did you use?? Critical for drainage my friend :love_you_gesture:


Last one I did was with distilled water

The one I just did I used tap water (ph 6,4) I did it to get a quick reading since I just run out of distilled water

I used a good 30% of perlite, expanded clay, lapillus, so drainage Is taken care

EC is 1.3


:slight_smile: Firstimer1299 G’day mate have you ever grown a tomato chilli or cucumber plant?you need to start in soil in a smaller pot like 3 inch mate then move up.honestly to big a pot unless auto i not know,do not stress mate wait till bigger.:)it will tuffen up.


Good morning guys

It spread to half the leaf and is starting on the other leaf
new growth doesn’t seem affected
It feels dry to the touch

got another few problematic kids

This one is starting to get some spots in the inner part of the leaf
I’m not referring to the light brown spots I’m talking about
I’m talking about those darker ones

This one has those brown tips

it’s my first time having so many problems during seedling stage and the only difference is soil should I buy some premix soil for seedling?

Could the problem be a lack of micronutrients?

They are all 14 days old

I’m obviously making a mistake I just can’t figure out what the problem is

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Looks fine to me!


Good to know it’s just me going crazy :joy:


This is the most tedious time of a grow my friend. The initial soil breakthrough. Ya it can be a rough one at time :man_farmer: you got this farmer :owl:


So much can happen at an early stage a little spash of water or mist, seems like they are doing good i think its from staring at them so much we look for changes overnight, they are slow till established tap root then with in days you’ll be amazed


Im not taking my eye off you!!! :rofl:




@Firstimer1299 G’day problomatic kids hahaaa good 1 mate.yeah pretty similar i spose,dont water too much just around it don’t fill the whole pot i mean mate :slight_smile: looking good mate :slight_smile:

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yeah I usually water in circle when the soil is dry
That’s the first thing that came to mind :joy::joy::call_me_hand:t2:

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