Weird little Auto Banner...? Mutant?

I’ve never seen this. It’s a mutation of some sort i guess. One side has one normalish leaf of the new growth but the other side has 5.

It’s growing really slow, this is 7 days out of dirt.

Thought you guys would like to see. Any thoughts?


Yeah, that’s different! But give it a chance, most of the weird ones I’ve had turned out really good! Never can tell.


Hopefully it gets going a little faster lol. The 4 others planted at same time are 3 inches tall at least

Hang in! Never know when a grow spurt will take hold!

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Bruce banner always seemed weird when transforming into the hulk so you probably have a winner :wink:


Looks like it may have been wet under the lights. Do you mist the plant with water?
If so you should mist the cover but not the plant. Keep it dry. The water acts like a magnifying glass and cooks the leaves. Will do exactly what we see here.

Or its just a mutant…lol

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Yeah, I do mist. They’re just under florescent right now.

This girl was acting weird in the paper towel. It took 5 days to pop… and then another 3 days to grow a 3/8" root to put in soil.

This also was the only seed out of 5 to pop. I tried everything.

This one i soaked in a cup of spring water 12 hrs then went to paper towel in dark room. I left the paper dry til almost completely dry then added more spring water sparingly. It popped

I have some gorilla glue and girlscout I swear I could drop on top of dry dirt and they’d grow :rofl: :rofl: Banner hasn’t been cooperative

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:rofl: :rofl: Not the first time I’ve heard that… but yeah

I had one freak like that on my last grow now she is 6 foot and huge for a auto. Happy growing

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