Week before flowering

Hello guys well I’m getting ready to start flowering I just want to send some pics make sure I’m not having any issues before flowering i only see a couple of holes in my plants trying to figure out what kind of bug would cause that, I know I see some fungus gnats but I’m working on that do thoses bugs

do that also should I lollipop any more from the bottom

Thks inadvance

I also would like to know why my stalks dont grow high like others i see on here

Genes and light distance also you have to remember they stretch to almost double in size or more during flower so don’t panic as for the bugs your pictures suck under LED very hard to spot anything no offence real light pictures work better for our eyes :wink:


Ok thks will take better pics

Hey fam so i started my flowering process to my surprise I am butting after 3 days here are some pics is it unusual to start flowering in 3 days


Dont understand why this one branch died but should i cut it off its a thick stem

Have a question for someone two and a half weeks a flowering one of my plants are drooping I know it’s not over watering and my other plant the leaves are turning colors is it Nute burn or light burn

looks more like ph fluctuation than burn many times your soil will drop in ph during flower since your plants eat far more nutrients and soil degrades I’d do a run off test check your ph and correct accordingly

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How’s them ladies @RamRam,


They’re probably growing out of his windows and out of his roof if he was just starting flowering a month ago and those things are huge a bet

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Yeah they were already Huge!
Come on with the come on

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Not good i lost my whole crop

Omega what happened man,I’m so sorry to hear that