Week 9 what’s everyone think?

Looking at the trichomes the are just starting to turn milky. It’s about 9 weeks of flower . Should I leave them a little longer? What’s everyone think?


what does the trichomes look like? please don’t make duplicate posts.

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It’s not a duplicate post. They are two different grow tents in different mediums

Stay off my post and mind your own business

The audacity on some of you feeling like it’s your job to tell another human being what to do when your wrong and not even a moderator. Get a life dude !

looked the same to me, if im wrong im wrong, no need to be like that.


didnt realized what you meant, i wasnt talking about the other tent, i was talking about thr thread you already posted that we replied too and i was following but anyways thanks for showing your true colors and have a nice day my friend.


@Myfriendis410 @BobbyDigital @AfgVet can we get this topic closed?

No need to go hostile on other growers for trying to assist in eye straining headaches that a lot of these topics can cause. It makes it a lot easier for members and mods to help find any info we may need to help assist in the best possible way when there aren’t multiple topics to sift through. This is also a public forum, so once that post button gets pushed, it’s anybodys business. Good luck and happy growing.