Week 8 not tooo many left

Tomorrow starts week 8 of flowering these 4 are the ones that have made it thank goodness :raised_hands: the end is near

Just mixed the preharvest mix getting ready for the feed tomorrow


Any harvest is a good harvest!

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congrats. I can’t wait to start mine

This was my first so anything I get is amazing I already started yhe next one and I’m trying to nurse one back into shape

Good luck its tons of fun


Looking great!! Nice and frosty. By looking at your pistils definitely looks like you got some weeks left before harvest.


Looking great Bud stacking up , If you’re not in a hurry I think she has more to offer. Good luck finishing up my friend . :handshake::v:


No hurry at all just want the best possible outcome 1st timer really excited I feel like a big kid at a candy store


Let those buds keep fattening up, Yeah I know what you mean I feel like a big kid in the candy store every grow. It’s good that you enjoy it and don’t look at it as work.

On my first grow as well and just starting week 4 of flower and I feel just like you lol. It’s hard not to peek in the tent every 10 minutes when I’m home haha