Week 6 flower, 3rd grow newbee

So im in week 6, things are very fragrant and thses gils look close to done, the coloring lools like thyevare dont but the trichs are mostly clear from what i can tell in the loop. Do these acually look done or keep waiting, being caustious, lost last grow to bud rot during this time.


Go by the color of the trichomes. I check trichomes in 3 different spots.

The top…they mature faster than the rest of the plant as it gets the most light.

I then check the middle and finally the bottom. You can always harvest the top first if its where you want to be and enjoy.

In reality, you have a few more weeks to go. I made the mistake of using the color of the pistils when it was done. I don’t make that mistake no more. :+1::+1::+1:

Also the time frame the breeders say is in perfect conditions and as home growers we don’t have their resources. I have found to add about 2 weeks more than they say. I hope this helps.


Yup. Always go by those trichs. I understand pulling early cause of rot. But you dont want immaturely harvestd buds. Not worth your effort neither


Thank you very much for the great advice

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