Week 3 of flowering

I have been bringing her outside for light period 8am and in shed 8pm do I need to do anything trimming for bigger buds first grow never got this


Damn man that plant is huge!

Any advice do I need to do any trimming folded back some of the big leaves that were blocking sun that’s bout it

That is one awesome plant. But no don’t trim if you don’t have to, if you could tie the leaf s back you would b better off. Your plant needs them :leaves for energy to produce buds

I hope this helps you out iceberg


As always thks again just trying to make sure all sights getting light leaves kind of big casting shadow over bud sights

I hear that I would want that also for my girl.
Those are some big ass leaves and the plant really needs them but if you have no choice I suppose you could take a.few but don’t get carried away

B Safe

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Will …birds sh*ting on flowers can i spray the flowers with ph water to try and get shit off. I guess we all have smoked bird shit at some point

Your to funny dude…lamo
Ya and it really don’have to be ph water it’s up to you.
Just keep an eye out for that bird from paradise…lol

B Safe

Ok haven’t mastered plant training yet will learn on next grow but this is my test plant noticed some of the big leaves were casting shadow over bud sites…I know cutting them is not recommended so I tried spreading them out to make sure they all get sun…what u think or is this causing any damage

This is fine, and not a bad idea at all. Absolutely you can train plants by gently spreading them out with tie downs. Good job!

Thks Stoner today is my day off so will babysitting my girls today topped my OG kush yesterday tried using tomatoe cage but couldn’t get it over plant waiting on FedEx for carbon filter cleaning tent…? Received my DE stuff today don’t have duster can I use a flower sifter to apply to soil and do I have to reapply after watering something was eating leaves and I got mad flies and shit flying around yard

If you are only doing the soil you can use a scoop just spread it around.
In your doing the leaves that sifter will work. Try to keep it off buds. Don’t breath it, I used and old tee shirt over mouth and nose.
Hope I got it rights lol

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That’s a good way of get’n her done there tlkbrear Lol

Looks good iceberg let us know how she turns out.

B Safe

Looking great. Let the plant continue to finish naturally. Looks great. The fan leaves are actually protecting your buds from the extremely powerful light from the Sun. Trust me, the buds will do just fine if you leave them alone :slight_smile:

Thks just gonna sit back and watch her bloom

The bird shit is great fertilizer , leave it in the soil , no wonder that thing is massive .