Weed pics what ya got!

just wanna see some cool weed shots, buds , leafs , big , frosty, crazy lighting, what ever you got and a brief description strain please .

mostly b.s. but i do have an ILGM GSCX in veg. bottom right of pic


This is what i have as of right now,


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nice setup

Ur plants look great also , I’m loveing that 1000w.
I have a 400w Apollo hps and thinking about adding two 600w marshydro led to help out. I have a 32"/32"/56" flower tent .
2x2x4 veg tent w/ 600w marshydro l.e.d.


You also have a nice setup. If you want i’ll tag you in my journal and any input will be welcome . I have a second 1000 watt HPS put the bulb blew. I need to replace it asap…lol


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Yeah that would be great. Thanks @garrigan62