Weed effects;how do they?

I was wondering when viewing the effects that certain strains are known for; ie happy, creativity, relaxed etc How or who determines what percentage each strain is known for. IE this strain is 95 % happy etc. any thoughts. happy growin :bat: :crazy_face:

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I believe that this is fairly subjective…meant to give a general indication of what you might expect.


Thanks, that is what I was thinking. Each user has different reactions to what strain they are using. Most people including myself was I just want to get a buzz going not fully aware that different strains can help you enjoy even more your grow. thanks again

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Everyone’s cannabinoid receptors work in unique ways, the same joint may effect each user in different ways. The general average feeling or quality may be similar.
When I was smoking a lot of cannabis in my early years, I realized that one way to combat high tolerance was to switch strains. I could smoke joint after joint of Columbian gold or smoke a doob of Thai and get ripped. Then when the Thai stopped being effective Id usually be outta dope anyway :laughing:


Point on with regard to tolerance.

I think this is will really depend on each person and also there are factors like mood, dosage and anything. I also have seen an article of different weed strains

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Welcome to the community. Thanks for your input. happy growing :bat: :rofl: