Wedding Cake Autos all done

I want to thank all of of you who told me to give them 2 weeks!! :joy: It’s been a little less but I saw a huge change!! It’s cutting time!!


Congrats on the harvest!


Bravo ! Good Job !!

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Great grow…nice :bat: :rofl:

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Congratulations hope it smokes as good as it looks

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That was just the tops of one plant. :rofl:

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You’ll see!! :joy::rofl:

Very nice!

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Made some rosin. Not sure how they do the live rosin or wax. I have a NugSmasher Mini and used the 160 micron bag. It is very blonde but so sticky and thick. I got almost a gram back but it’s not easy to get into my dab rig. (PuffCo Peak Pro) It’s still fire so I guess I can’t complain.


Live is when you harvest a plant then instead of drying you wet trimm buck off the buds and immediatly freeze them. 48-72 or more hours later you make bubble hash with the frozen plant material. After that, you dry your bubblehash (often freeze dryed). Last but not least you press the bubble hash into rosin.

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Thank you!! Also have BubbleBagDude machine :sunglasses:

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Freeze drying will be the next thing I’ll have to look into, I guess.

Here is the photo G13 that I had tucked in the back while the autos finished. First time doing a screen but she’s

taking up the whole 5x5 tent.

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Thats fantastic! How long was the veg?
Freeze drying is the way to go. I had to throw away 12 grams hash cuz it didnt dry propper and molded.