Watermelon Zkittlez near compost pile

This one is a Watermelon Zittlez that I put behind a compost pile that I started recently made of chicken manure, pine shavings, straw, fish, and grass. I was hesitant to put it here because it feels risky, especially with all of the fish in it. The pile can attract animals and I’m worried it can blow pathogens onto my plant but we will see how she does.

The base soil is extremely sandy and also rocky. I dug a big hole, about 17 or 18 gallons then filled it with super soil and mounded more soil on top, totalling 20 to 25 gallons of my custom super soil.

I had to use the flash on my camera to take the pictures of the plant because by the time I finished my transplanting ritual it was mostly dark. Wish me luck!


I took some more pictures today will update with more pics in a week

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It has been one full week, so I took a couple more pics. The plant has not grown much taller yet, but seems to be getting strongly established as the stalk is much thicker. Usually the first week after transplanting I don’t see much growth, but shortly after a week it begins to skyrocket. We shall see.

Yesterday I saw some bugs on it, flies actually. They looked like the same flies I saw buzzing around the compost pile after I added the fish. I did suspect the pile may draw bugs and I was right, but they haven’t done much damage, just a tiny bit. So tonight I sprayed spinosad on it and the one bug I saw feeding on it was dead as dead. Regular flies are far from the worst pest problem you can have, so things have been manageable so far. The night is young!

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Interested in this! Tagging along if that’s ok’

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Of course that is okay! I’m glad somebody finds it interesting. Each of my three plants I am growing in different ways (ground, pot, and raised bed) and in different locations on the property so it will be interesting to see how they compare.

It has been one week so here are more pics. The Watermelon Zkittlez doesn’t seem to be growing as fast as Super Silver Haze but was put out a week later so maybe it will catch up. The Athena IPM and Spinosad sprays seemed to have made a big difference because this morning there were zero bugs on the plant. I was primarily concerned about bugs and pathogens with this plant, so emerging victorious over the bugs (at least for now) is a big win.

A couple days ago I gave her the first fox darm feeding. Big Bloom, Grow Big, Cal Mag, Boomerang, Wholly Mackerel, Kelp Me Kelp You, Kangaroots, and Microbe Brew. Used some pH up to balance the pH and waited until after balancing pH to add the beneficials. Last year was my first time using fox farm fertilizer and I wasn’t using pH up and didn’t have a pH meter so I caused some bad pH swings - the ground plants seemed to flush well enough it didn’t matter too much but the container plants got fucked up by the pH swings. I am thinking I will do much better this year. Growing is a learning process as it is not just our plant that is growing as we are growing right along with it. It is a mutual process in the relationship between human and plant as we seek to achieve harmony wirh the forces of nature.

So very true!!! I know long time growers who admit they are still learning :wink:

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