Watering schedule top feed system

Hi guys I have a little top feed system for my practice plant before my white widow seeds arrive…

How often should I be watering her on a timer setup. I did have it on a timer watering it on a 2hr cycle. but it seems to be drooping more n more. So tonight I changed it to a 4hr watering schedule. Is this Ok for a sativa strain. and what should I be doing for my white widow when it comes in.

1st. You never water when light outs. this should be 6 - 8 hours per night, or lights out.

2ndLook into a recycle timer, with a photo cell. This will turn on your pumps when the lights come one. :slight_smile: About 80 bucks at Graiger or any major electronics company

I have an A.R.T. unit you can run as short a period for as long as you want or vice versa. I use mine on a commercial greenhouse. Peace :slight_smile:

ok thank you, much appreciated. I didn’t know I shouldn’t be watering during night hours.

but should I be running it at a 4hr gap during light hours?

It all depends on the medium , grow methods and choice of system. PLease copy/paste this Support Ticket into your next post, and it will help us help you in a more informed way. Peace


i am using clay pellets but on my next grow when I receive my white widow strain I will be using clay pellets and rock wool cubes

and next time I will start off using the support ticket when I write down all of the available info

ok so I went and wrote all the info down here it is and please comment if I am doing it wrong or not to your standards haha

Strain - Bag seed ( Waiting on White Widow Seeds) But it is most certainly a sativa strain…

Medium- Hydroponic in clay pellets ( White Widow Will Be in 1 inch rock wool and Clay pellets)

System- top feed system

PH 5.8

TDS- 997 ppm


Light- 125w cfl

Temperature- Day time between 28 - 30 degrees Celsius/ Night time between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius night

Humidity- unknown ( planning on getting a humidity reader within 2 weeks)

Ventilation system - Yes no carbon filter as yet but during veg exhaust is mainly off (exhaust system fan still slightly spins while intake is on…
Using 21w computer fans 1 for intake 1 for exhaust … both are identical… specs are- 21w, 220v, 50hz and 2550 rpm

No ac/ humidifier or dehumidifier

Co2- yes home made co2 generator ( yeast and sugar) 6 cups of water 1 cup of sugar and 2 tbl spoons of yeast

also i am using Cyco nutrient system just for the record

I hope its to your satisfaction latewood

OK. You are using expanded clay. Best medium there is! I would start with a 15minute on and 45 minute off schedule. From there you can monitor your plants, and adjust accordingly.