Watering plant in 1st wk flowering

I got a buddy who just got locked up and said if I take care of his plant that I could have half of it.it’s in first week of flowering and my question is he told me to water it until you see 20% of amount poured come out of bottom of pot,is this correct?it seems to me like that would be too much and drench the soil.will it drown them or will it wet all the soil and just look drenched on top.if anybody could help that would be much appreciated

your good go for it they will be fine

Yup your all good


I’m hoping I candle handle his and mine at the same time,he’s the one who was supposed to be helping me but with him being a idiot and getting locked up…them phone calls are expensive

Ya tell me about it My son is in prison out in Seattle Washington and he call’s me all the time " collect " LOL