Watering options

Would it be better when starting the seed in a small container to put it in a dish and let it get the water from the bottom? Also, will putting it in direct sunlight hurt it?

Putting a seed in a small cup of water is a good way to start a seed, you will usually see it start to crack open and then it should go in the ground or medium, round side down and pointed/cracking open side up, this helps the seedling extract itself from its seed shell.

No sunlight though, it should be in the dark.

Adding drops of dilute H2O2 and or changing the water frequently increases the germination rate and helps prevent the seedling from rotting out, which is what can happen in some mediums if the stay too wet such as the paper towel method, putting straight in the soil, or even in peat plugs.

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Tried all methods. Got 1 out of four to pop open. Transplanted it to soil but never sprouted. Trying 4 more. Hope this time with more success. 10 total. Don’t want to ruin them all

The one that cracked should’ve come to the surface eventually, as long as it didn’t totally dry out and it wasn’t over watered.

Not over watered. Not dry. Just think it was old seeds. Guess next time I will buy a bag of pot and use the seeds in that. They always germinated with no problem. Fresh seeds. Oh well. Wasted my money but still have 4 more to try. Saving 2 maybe for next year but not much hope

Next time choose carefully you seed bank
Good luck and Rock and Roll

Any recommendations for finding a good seed bank??