Watering marijuana inbetween feedings

A question from a fellow grower:

i have a indoor grow.my plant is 3 weeks into bloom. 69 inches tall!
my question is should i water in between feedings? sun n wends are the feed days!

I am using cal mag b52 all purpose liquid food and 10-15-10 rhino skin

Yes! But don’t flood them.

Yes, if they need the extra moisture. The roots like a lot of air/oxygen and can get water logged or drown if the soil or growing media stays too wet too long. It also depends on your concentration of nutrients, some people rely on the plain water waterings to keep nutrients from building up too strong in the soil or media.

Exactly. In between feedings should be water ph 6.5-7.0. I f you can feel moisture 2" down into your pots; Then do not water yet. The container should get pretty dry before you drench them. As long as you do not neglect them; They will be fine. PLants used stored nutrients between feedings, and this could lead to a better tasting harvest. :slight_smile:

How long can plants and seedlings store water. Is a Dixie cup to much water for seeds . I water spray to the bottom drops every other day.